Best friends after rescue

After animal control officers rescued two neglected dogs in Georgia, the pair are now inseparable.

One dog was tethered to a tree with no food or water and unable to reach his crate, which was filled with water and mud, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Another dog was also tethered to the tree. Officers charged the dogs’ owner, Elaina Greene, with two counts of neglect, no restraint and a tether violation, Fox 5 reported.

The dogs, both males, are a black lab and a pit bull, and are now being treated for injuries and heartworm in the Gwinett County Animal Shelter. Shelter volunteers say the pair play side-by-side all day long. Due to their ongoing medical needs, they’ll be adopted out to a rescue group and will not be placed for adoption through the county.

Every day, a slew of previously healthy people experience chest pains and go to the emergency room. But a whole range of events can then follow; some of these people may be having a heart attack and may die later that day, while others will be sent home with medications and live decades longer.

Now, a new blood test could quickly give doctors a sense of a patient’s risk for serious heart problems , such as a heart attack or even death, a new study finds.

The test measures the blood levels of a molecule called trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), according to the study, published Jan. 10 in the European Heart Journal.

TMAO is produced when gut bacteria break down foods, including red meat, eggs and dairy, the researchers wrote.